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Every individual is blessed with talent in one or the other of many human arts. A chance to use our natural born talent goes a long way in leading a happy and contended life. Unfortunately a lot of us are either unaware of our own talent or do not get a chance to develop and nurture it. BCT has therefore undertaken to encourage young artists to blossom and show their talents by organizing artist camps and providing essential support.For the purpose of promotion of visual arts, BCT organized an international level artist camp “KALA AAWAAS 2010” in Jaipur from March 6 to 12, 2010. There were around 30 eminent painters and sculptors from India and abroad who participated in this camp.

During the Kala Aawaas two important events were also organized:

Exhibition of Young Masters’ Art Works

BCT had implemented a Fine Art Program for School Children in 50 government schools located in Urban Slums of Jaipur and 50 Rural Schools of Churu District in Rajasthan during the year 2008-09.

Under this program:

BCT Visual Art Fellowship

Bhoruka Charitable trust has announced a fellowship in Visual Art. The objective of this fellowship is to encourage and support the upcoming contemporary Indian Artist. The fellowship awarded in visual art of drawing and painting. Out of over 200 applications received from all over India three artists were selected for the year 2010-11. They have been given a financial support of Rs. 8000/- per month for the two years under the mentorship of senior artists for their further growth and development.