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BCT has developed a special set of programs which focus on delivering education through non-formal channels to all age groups. Non- formal education is important to adults who did not get a chance to study at an young age or children that do not have access to formal education resources.

BCT wants to ensure that every person regardless of age whether it a child, an adult or an elderly person, should gain some knowledge that can help him or her to earn his or her livelihood and live a life of complete dignity.

The Trust was instrumental in running 150 Non Formal Education Centers exclusively for the girls of 6-14 years in the Rajgarh & Taranagar blocks of District. Churu, Rajasthan. This had a significant impact leading to almost 100% enrollments of girls in government run schools.

Some other programs which were added to the non-formal education system are:

Back to Basic

Since 2007, BCT has implemented in 20 schools the Back-to-Basic program. The program aims to reduce absenteeism and drop out amongst students unable to cope with their lessons. Under this program, a cluster of five schools were brought under the care of a teacher –leader who ensures that proper and quality education is imparted to students. This has lead to dramatic reduction in absenteeism and dropout rate.Lok Jumbish Program: This program was implemented in 71 villages of Rajgarh block for universalization of primary education in rural areas with the support of Lok Jumbish Parishad, government of Rajasthan. The program has resulted in a significant increase in enrollments of students & decrease in the dropout rate.

Mahila Shiksha Karmi Yojna

Under this program BCT, via a training centre, has trained over 60 rural women, who after the completion of their training are working as primary school teachers in rural & remote areas of Rajasthan.

Shivamba Shivir

A residential program was implemented by BCT for rural girls (6-14 years) who were unable to attend formal schools. Free boarding & lodging, books, uniform, medical facilities, etc., were provided to them. 200 students from different villages of Churu District who have passed from this centre were enrolled in various Govt. schools.

Mahila Shikshan Vihar

Mahila Shikshan Vihar was started in 2007 to empower the socially dis-advantaged women in the age group of 18-35 years in Churu by offering them primary education up to class V, livelihood training as tailors, beauticians, computer operators etc. Every year 65 women were trained under this program.

Still Out of School Children (May, 2008- December, 2010)

The main objective of this project was to improve the education level among the children who were never enrolled in the schools in Tribal Areas. The project was implemented in partnership with UNICEF, Jaipur in three blocks (Aspur, Dungarpur and Bichiwara) of Dungarpur district. In December 2010 there were approx 1600 children enrolled for regular classes.