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A flagship program of Amazon India on Education and Child Development, in technical support of CAF India project was implemented by BCT in Schools of three remote and rural locations that includes children of Foster Care OVC project (Hubli), Dharwad in Bangalore & Dhanwati Devi Girls School (Dhandhal Lekhu), Churu and Residential School at (Nokhra), Barmer in Rajasthan. The project was implemented with an objective to provide in kind support to underprivileged children for facilitating quality education. The underprivileged children of these Schools were reached through a WISH list created on Amazon India’s website for the donors. This helped the donors to choose & donate the gifts to NGOs from their created WISH lists. Gift received at BCT through donors were finally distributed to the underprivileged children who otherwise won’t have access to such costly items. This year, 467 gifts, that includes books, games, water bottles, school bags, sports items, stationary items etc received and were finally distributed among the underprivileged children of targeted locations/schools. This program has helped a lot to BCT team, teachers and parents in bringing a simile on the faces more than 467 underprivileged children.