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At the age of thirteen, Shri P.D. Agarwal moved from his home in a rural settlement of India. Nearly three decades later, Shri. P.D. Agarwal returned to his childhood place of residence. The lack of infrastructure and basic amenities was so apparent that Shri. P.D. Agarwal knew something must be done for his poor people.

Phase – I: Charity Based Approach (1962-73)

In 1962, Shri P.D. Agarwal founded Bhoruka Charitable Trust as a charity foundation. From 1962 to 1973, BCT provided financial assistance to individuals, educational institutions, hospitals and various other organizations. During this period, BCT was not directly involved in the implementation of projects or initiatives.

Phase – II: Social Service Approach (1973-84)

Apart from the activities in Phase-I, BCT initiated the activities in and around village, Bhorugram (Nangal Badi), district Churu, Rajasthan and directly became involved in implementation in activities relating to development of rural infrastructure, formal education, hospital etc. BCT spent its own resources in both the phases with no external source of funding.

Phase – III : Development Approach (1984 onwards)

Adopted an integrated approach to development through community participation & involving them in decision making, funding support from external sources (Government and non-government) to implement various programs to cover large number of people & villages, move towards the empowerment of the community, development of grassroots organizations and acting as a support organization.